The Legacy Trail
Sarasota County, Florida

Construction of Clark Rd. and Bee Ridge Rd. Overpasses Scheduled to Start This Fall

Construction of these overpasses is still on schedule to start this Fall, with completion expected by the end of 2024. Here are a few more renderings provided by FDOT.

Some pertinent information available so far:

  • The overpasses will be 12 feet wide and use the same construction method as used for the Laurel Rd. overpass. This type of construction uses reinforced earth on the approaches to the mid-span. Click here for details of this method.
  • The design of the Clark Rd. overpass is influenced by the need for compatibility with a future project to straighten the McIntosh Road intersection at Clark Road. There is currently no funding for straightening the McIntosh intersection, so it is unlikely this project will start any time soon.
  • When the McIntosh Road intersection is straightened, it will be necessary for trail users to cross McIntosh immediately after (or before if traveling south) crossing the overpass. One conceptual plan suggested by Spencer Anderson, Sarasota County Public Works Director, would be to slightly raise McIntosh Road and have the trail go under the road (see conceptual images in gallery above).

New Portalet Toilet for North Port Connector Trail

A much-requested portalet toilet for the North Port Connector Trail is now installed. The new toilet is located at the northwest end of the trail on Forbes Trail road. According to Megan Eidel, with Sarasota County Parks Department, “I wanted to let you know that we are getting a portolet installed beyond the yellow gate on Forbes Trail – North Port Connector. This will be a bit of a trial to see how it does, but I think it will do better installed past the gate.” Many thanks to Megan and Sarasota County for providing this new facility for trail users.

To see the locations of all restrooms on the trail, click on our Legacy Trail Map and under “Filter by” select “Restrooms”.

Route for Gulf Coast Trail Connection to The Legacy Trail Approved by MPO

On May 22, 2023, the Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) unanimously voted to adopt a recommended route for a SUN Trail connection to The Legacy Trail. The map below shows the recommended route. The route is now eligible for SUN Trail funding through FDOT, and federal funds through the MPO process.

From west to east: This alignment begins at the Legacy Trail and heads east/north in easements through the Eastwood subdivision to Fruitville Rd. After crossing Fruitville Rd, the recommended alignment follows the Circus Trail to Bobby Jones Golf Course. The trail goes through Bobby Jones Golf Course and the 17th Street Regional Parks, east on 17th St to Honore, then up to Nathan Benderson and across I-75 to Lakewood Ranch Blvd and along Blue Lake Rd to Lorraine Rd.  The total length of the route is approximately 8.3 miles. A car/bike/pedestrian overpass over I-75 is currently being design by FDOT. Click here for more info in the overpass design.

The map below shows details of the recommended route through the Bobby Jones Golf Complex and through the 17th Street Regional Park. Click here for more info about this route segment (Option 2 adopted).

Street crossings on the Trail are incredibly dangerous. We encourage trail users to press the buttons to stop vehicular traffic. BUT don’t count on it. Some drivers hate to be stopped and will plow right through crossings.  Other drivers are distracted or oblivious to their surroundings. Our advice is to: PUSH the BUTTON; STOP and LOOK before crossing. Only you can avoid serious injury even if the other guy is at fault.


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