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Legacy Trail Mileage Points

 MileGPS Coordinates
Venice Train Station0.027.101446, -82.440600
Venice Bypass Bridge0.527.108499, -82.442102
Patriots Park Trailhead Access0.527.108844, -82.442280
Nokomis Community Park Access1.027.115868, -82.443885
Colonia Lane Crossing1.2527.119308, -82.444694
Nokomis Riverview Park1.527.122920, -82.445550
Dona Bay Bridge1.827.126883, -82.446486
Laurel Park Access2.427.136056, -82.448674
Laurel Road Crossing2.627.138387, -82.449231
Shelter3.427.149419, -82.451862
Route 681 Overpass4.727.168009, -82.456252
Oscar Scherer Park Access5.327.176485, -82.458264
Osprey Junction Trailhead6.727.196202, -82.462974
Central Sarasota Pkwy Crossing8.727.225339, -82.469866
Legacy Trail Parking9.627.237929, -82.472868
Palmer Ranch Pkwy Crossing10.127.244429, -82.474494
Culverhouse Nature Park Trailhead10.427.249038, -82.475492
North Terminus of Trail10.827.252290, -82.476269
Payne Park (Planned Extension)18.127.333336, -82.525669

Locations in Blue are Trailheads.  A Trailhead is a trail access location with parking, rest rooms, and drinking water.

The Legacy Trail connects with the Venetian Waterway Park Trail at the Historic Venice Train Depot on Venice Avenue, forming a continuous 20 mile non-motorized path from Palmer Ranch in southern Sarasota to Shamrock Park and Caspersen Beach Park in Venice.  These two trails connect Sarasota, Osprey, Laurel, Nokomis, Venice, and south Venice.

Credit: Map Icon Collection https://mapicons.mapsmarker.com

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