FLT Accomplishments in 2016

Members  1,045
Active volunteers 100+
Annual indirect volunteer hours  9,416
Annual direct volunteer hours  2,034
Petition signatures supporting trail extension  8,356
Newsletter mailings  2,344 per month
Web site average page views  5,300 per month
Facebook Likes  692
Twitter Followers  32
Instagram likes  74
Presentations given to community groups  9
Surry passengers carried  168

•    Received the 2015 Trail Promoter of the Year Award from the Florida Bicycle Association.
•    Received a Certificate of Excellence for the Legacy Trail from TripAdviser.com, one of the world’s most influential travel websites with 375 million monthly visitors.
•    Initiated studies to revise the estimated annual trail uses from 120,000 to 175,000 per year based on an improved statistical model and a study to calibrate the passive infrared trail counters installed along the trail.
•    Broadened social media outreach on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram outlets to complement our highly regarded monthly newsletter and outstanding web site.
•    Promoted the Legacy Trail through public engagement at 80 Information Table events at two locations on the trail, at the city of Sarasota and Phillippi Famers Markets, and other special occasions.
•    Developed and distributed new FLT, Legacy Trail, and Surrey brochures.
•    Established a Trail Extension Committee.
•    Worked with Sarasota County staff, Trust for Public Land, MPO, TBARTA, Greenways & Trails Foundation in the competition for SUN Trail Tier II and Tier III, funding as part of the regional Southwest Coastal Trail from Tampa to Naples.
•    Engaged City of Sarasota Commissioners to propose and adopt Resolution 16R-2581 to “fast-track implementation of the Legacy Trail Extension.”
•    Established a Safety Education Committee.
•    Placed prominent sandwich board safety reminders along the trail.
•    Submitted proposals to County public Works and County Parks staff to address trail safety issues at high priority street crossings.
•    Held bike training events and distributed free helmets for youths in coordination with the YMCA and County Libraries, Boy Scout troops and elementary schools.
•    Received another $5K donation to fund our Safety Education efforts.
•    Completed the construction of the nine sheltered Information Kiosks at trail access points. The kiosks display a large trail map, trail news, and informational brochures.
•    Managed our most successful Surrey Ride Program in partnership with the County.
•    Continued efforts to convert the County owned building at Osprey Junction Trailhead into a visitor center for FLT and County use.
•    Held four landscape cleanup days with volunteer labor.
•    Secured the pro bono services for a building inspection and architectural services to begin developing a remodeling proposal for County approval.
•    Joined with the Sarasota Manatee Bike Club to host the most successful annual Tour de Parks bike ride with about 650 riders. This is our main fund-raising event.
•    Staffed rest stops for Sharky’s Ride the Beaches, and two of Bike Florida’s seven day Surf & Turf 2016 spring bike ride through Sarasota.
•    Completed the evolution of being a chapter of the Friends of Sarasota County Parks, to an independent, 501(c)3 non profit, charitable, all volunteer organization recognized by the IRS and State of Florida.
•    Expanded the mission statement to include “and its connectors” to the LegacyTrail.
•    Working with Sarasota County to finalize an operating agreement.
•    Developed and implemented an improved automated record keeping, renewal, and notification systems for membership and volunteer committees.

Friends of The Legacy Trail