Casey Key Loop

by Steve Martin

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The highlight of this loop route is the section along Casey Key Rd.  This is a narrow low-traffic road where  cars go slowly and are usually very considerate of bicyclists and pedestrians.  This section features many beautiful homes with interesting architecture.  Some sections of the road run along the beach with great views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Suitability Bicycle
Total Miles 13.84
Mile Description
0 Start:  Osprey Junction Trailhead (OJT) at the end of Bay Street.  Future home of The Legacy Trail visitor center.  After leaving the short trail heading west, follow Bay Street.  There is now a sidewalk as far as Old Venice Road.  It is initially on the north side of Bay Street, switches to the south side for about a quarter mile, and then switches to the north side and ends at Old Venice Road.  There is an alternate route through the  Rivendell neighborhood shown on the map.
1.18 Left on Old Venice Rd.  Bike lane and sidewalk on this road.
2.31 Cross Tamiami Trail (Route 41) to Blackburn Pt. Road.  Very busy intersection.  On Blackburn Pt. Road you can either go on the road or take the nice wide winding sidewalk on the south side of the road.  The sidewalk takes you into the new Blackburn Pt Park just before the swing bridge.
3.06 Blackburn Pt swing bridge.  Sidewalk ends just before bridge.  Note that bicycles are requested to walk across bridge and follow all traffic after bridge closes.
3.31 Left on Casey Key Road.  Very pleasant, low-speed, low-traffic road.  Just before the next turn there is a small park with restroom facilities  on the right (Nokomis Beach).
7.54 Left on Albee Rd West.  Return to mainland across bridge over ICW.  Instead of making this turn,  you have the option to continue on Casey Key Road to where it ends at the North Jetty Park.
7.71 Left on Bayshore Rd. – Bike lane on road
8.65 Bear right – becomesLaurel Rd. West- Bike lane on road
9.19 Cross Tamiami Trail (Route 41) and continue on Laurel Rd East.   Laurel Road East is a busy road with bike lanes and sidewalks.
9.75 Left onto The Legacy Trail
13.84 Arrive back at the Osprey Junction Trailhead (OJT).  You’ll know you’re there when you see the Red Rider tube sculpture.

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