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Ambulance on the Trail

by Roger Normand

It doesn’t happen often, but it’s reassuring to know that emergency medical service is available wherever you are on The Legacy Trail. Bridges and overpasses are designed to carry the weight of an ambulance. 911 stickers are placed  every 1/20  mile on the original trail and every 1/10 mile on the extension to help determine your location. This incident was near the Osprey Junction Trailhead. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for the injured trail user.


by Roger Normand

As I approached from behind, I noticed the unusual cycling motion – the normal lower body cycling cadence combined with an upper body hand cycle motion.  But on a single two-wheeled bike?  Yep.  Mike loves to ride his “all wheel drive” bike along the Legacy Trail, often choosing it for longer rides instead of his traditional road bike.  “The front and rear drive eight-speed cassettes operate independently, so I can pedal with just my legs, or just my arms, or both.  I like the full body exercise this bike gives me.”  I asked about the chest pad on the bike.  “That’s what gives you leverage for hand cycling. I tried removing it and quickly found I couldn’t do the hand cycle motion.”

I am always amazed at the diversity of trail users, the individuals and their equipment, I meet along the Legacy Trail.  Happy trails, Mike, and thanks for sharing your experience with this unique bike.  

Spring Flowers 2020

The rain has brought out many beautiful wild flowers along the sides of the Legacy Trail! Here are pictures of four (out of many) I noticed yesterday: butterfly-pea, morning glory, elderberry and lanceleaf coreopsis.

Be aware of any fire ant nests when you step off the Trail to look at the flowers (I speak from experience).

Photos and article by Darryl Lang

An interesting bike design

You see lots of different types of bicycles on the trail, but this is the first four wheel trike configured with 1:2:1 wheels. I spotted Don, Jo, and rear pilot Riley on a hot summer days ride along the Legacy Trail.

Don hand built this 115 pound rig from bicycle parts after Don and Jo tired of riding their tandem. It’s got electric assist in case they need a little push (!). The best part: they can enjoy the ride and the scenery while they carry on a constant conversation like they were, well, sitting next to each other.

Photos and article by Roger Normand.

Dreaming of The Tour

Dreaming of the Tour De France, that is. I’d seen Paulo and young Gian Carlos riding at a good clip several times on the trail, sometimes Paulo in front, sometimes Gian leading. Interesting.

We chatted. They came down from Orlando to get in some good long rides along the Legacy trail. “Gian is 9 years old and loves to ride his bike and the science of training. Most days, we ride 30 to 60 miles together, and Gian has done a 90 mile ride. Gian can safely get in some long rides on the trail as there’s no cars. He wears a heart rate monitor to stay in his training zone.” Here’s to seeing him on the podium some day, Gian Carlos!

Photo and article by Roger Normand

Happy Anniversary

Celebrating their 41st Anniversary over several bike rides to total 41 miles, the Margolis’s of Venice, FL, included their first trip to the end of the current Legacy Trail.

They commented, “What a treasure to have a path we can safely navigate without cars to experience native Florida flora and fauna. We can’t wait for the day we can ride to downtown Sarasota!” Won’t be long!

Article by Joan Attenberg