COMMUNITY CONNECTOR to Nathan Benderson Park

(Conceptual Trail)

map of Connector to Nathan Benderson Park

The Nathan Benderson Park (NBP) “connector” creates a 4.8 mile (3.8 mi. new), 12 foot wide, non-motorized path, extending bike/walk mobility from the existing 3.5 mile path at NBP to the Legacy Trail extension, (currently under construction), .5 miles south of Fruitville.

Utilizing an FPL easement, the path provides the basis for development of an “eco trail” encompassing the existing natural vegetation and wildlife.  Continuing through the Meadows, the path connects to the Circus Trail bordering the Bobby Jones Golf Course and on to the Legacy Trail extension.

The NBP connector:

  • Will serve 12,000+ homes and 22,000+ individuals living within ½ mile of the connector
  • Will connect recreational/commuting cyclists/walkers from Nathan Benderson Park, UTC mall and the proposed Mote Aquarium with the Legacy Trail, Downtown Sarasota and Venice.
  • Requires NO land acquisition and NO environmental remediation.

Friends of The Legacy Trail