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Other Interesting Trail Sites

  • Rails to Trails Conservancy is a nationwide charitable organization dedicated to transforming unused rail corridors into vibrant public places.  Their Trail Link provides a way to find rail to trail conversions across the U.S. along with a wealth of information about trails in general.
  • Sarasota Legacy Trail – by Sandy Estabrook.  A great site with lots of beautiful pictures and interesting information about the Trail.  Sandy Estabrook hit the trail before it was officially opened and fell in love with it. It was during the dawn of the iPhone which he used for all the pictures on his colorful and informative website.
  • 100 Florida Trails– by Mudfish & Bobcat.  This site provides a wonderfully well-organized compilation of descriptions, facts, maps, and pictures of  75+ Florida cycling and hiking trails.  The Legacy Trail is featured as one of their top ten Florida trails and they provide a very comprehensive review of the trail.  This site will make you want to go check out a new trail every weekend!

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