Loops With Honore Avenue

The Legacy Trail and Honore Avenue run roughly parallel in a generally north-south direction. Several roads running east-west connect The Trail and Honore at various point, creating a ladder-like connectivity. This geometry creates the potential for some very nice loop rides using both The Legacy Trail and Honore Ave.

For those who prefer to avoid using unprotected bike lanes, the section of Honore between Laurel Road and US-681 is particularly nice because it now includes a 10-foot wide multi-use trail. Update: A 1.4 mile section of the new 10-foot-wide sidewalk has been temporarily removed. Users will need to use the bike lanes to get around this section. The removed section extends from a point 0.8 miles south of highway 681 to 2.2 miles south of 681.

The newly opened section of Bay Street connecting The Trail with Honore also includes a 10-foot wide multi-use trail.

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