Main A Canal Trail

(Future Connector Trail)

The Main A Canal Trail was identified in the 2006 Sarasota County Trails Master Plan. This trail would provide significant value at relatively low cost to the county:

  • It would connect the Amish and Mennonite community of Pinecraft, and the Legacy Trail, to medical and commercial centers on Cattleman and Bee Ridge Roads.
  • It would be relatively inexpensive to build because the county already owns the land. As indicated below, the 2008 Trails Master Plan estimated the cost of construction to be a little over one million dollars.
  • It would be a scenic route along the waterway (see pictures below).
  • Finally, the route would be eventually extended by connecting to the Phillippi Creek Trail that was introduced in the 2018 Trails Master Plan. (Actually, it makes sense to also call the Main A Canal Trail the Phillippi Creek Trail, since the Main A Canal is the extension of Phillippi Creek.)

Main A Canal Between McIntosh Road and Honore Avenue (Looking East)

Description in 2006 Sarasota County Trails Master Plan

Main A Trail – Canal

Location: From Beneva Road to Cattleman Road, along the Main A Drainage Canal

Experience: A multi-use greenway trail for bicycling, in-line skating, jogging and walking. The trail links major employment centers, Doctors Hospital, and large residential neighborhoods such as Pinecraft, Colonial Oaks, and Sarasota Springs. The trail also links Colonial Oaks Park, and Cattleman Community Center. Connects to Circus Trail and Rails-to-Trails Corridor at the North end.

Length: 3.42 miles

Design Guidelines: The trail will be paved throughout the corridor. The trail will be located in the Main A Drainage canal easement requiring additional access rights. Crossover bridges will have to be considered for access to the trail from adjacent subdivisions. User crossing will have to be addressed at Bahia Vista Street and McIntosh Road. Additional ROW acquisition may be required.

Costs: $1,026,000

Partnerships: Sarasota County Government

Phillippi Creek Trail

This trail was not mentioned in the 2006 Trails Master Plan, but now appears in the current 2018 Master Plan.

Description in 2018 Sarasota County Trails Master Plan

Main Canal A, South

From:  The Legacy Trail near Pinecraft

To:  Doctors Hospital of Sarasota

Trail / Pathway Type:  Shared Use Path

Improvement Type:  New facility

Description:  The Main Canal A, South will serve as a connection between the Doctors Hospital, Phillippi Creek Canal Trail, Colonial Oaks Park, and neighborhoods in Sarasota Springs.

Phillippi Creek Trail

From:  Main A Canal, South

To:  The Regional Trail at Cow Pen Slough

Trail / Pathway Type:  Natural Surface Trail

Improvement Type:  Proposed Trail

Description:  The Phillippi Creek Trail will connect Regional Trail, Celery Fields Trail and Main A Canal, South Trail into a seamless recreational network across the eastern and mostly undeveloped part of Sarasota County.  Multiple communities will be able to utilize this network of trails.

Trail Priorities in 2018
Sarasota County Trails Master Plan

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