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Segment 2 of the trail extension opened on October 7,  2021 and Segment 3 is expected to open in late November or early December of this year (2021).   Overpasses over Clark and Bee Ridge Roads are expected to be completed by FDOT after trail completion.  See Timeline for the most recent schedule updates.

The southern North Port Connector route through Schewe Ranch is currently under construction (See Timeline).  The northern North Port Connector route is a rough surface trail that is open for current use.

The Legacy Trail connects with the Venetian Waterway Park Trail at the Historic Venice Train Depot on Venice Avenue, forming a continuous 20 mile non-motorized path from Palmer Ranch in southern Sarasota to Shamrock Park and Caspersen Beach Park in Venice. These two trails connect Sarasota, Osprey, Laurel, Nokomis, Venice, and south Venice.

 MileGPS Coordinates
Venice Train Station*0.027.101446, -82.440600
Venice Bypass Bridge*0.627.108499, -82.442102
Patriots Park Trailhead Access*0.827.108844, -82.442280
Nokomis Community Park Access*1.027.115868, -82.443885
Colonia Lane Crossing*1.2527.119308, -82.444694
Nokomis Riverview Park*1.527.122920, -82.445550
Dona Bay Bridge1.827.126883, -82.446486
Laurel Park Access*2.427.136056, -82.448674
Laurel Road Crossing*2.627.138387, -82.449231
Shelter3.427.149419, -82.451862
Route 681 Overpass4.727.168009, -82.456252
Oscar Scherer Park Access*5.327.176485, -82.458264
Osprey Junction Trailhead*6.727.196202, -82.462974
Central Sarasota Pkwy Crossing*8.827.225339, -82.469866
Legacy Trail Parking*9.727.237929, -82.472868
Palmer Ranch Pkwy Crossing*10.227.244429, -82.474494
Culverhouse Nature Park Trailhead*10.527.249038, -82.475492
Sawyer Loop Rd.*11.227.259192, -82.477905
Clark Rd.*11.927.269217, -82.480282
Ashton Rd.*12.527.276596, -82.482037
Gypsy St.*12.7527.280306, -82.482914
Proctor Rd.*12.927.283968, -82.483778
Wilkinson Rd.*13.4527.291487, -82.485580
Bee Ridge Rd. *14.027.298756, -82.487307
Webber Rd.*14.727.308272, -82.489552
Bahia Vista St.*15.727.322937, -82.493041
Beneva Rd. *16.3 27.330097, -82.497548
Tuttle Ave.* 17.327.330126, -82.514052
Shade Ave.*17.827.330128, -82.522282
Payne Park* (Planned Extension)18.127.333336, -82.525669

Locations in Blue are Trailheads.  A Trailhead is a trail access location with parking, rest rooms, and drinking water.
* Indicates that there is trail access.

Credit: Map Icon Collection mapicons.mapsmarker.com


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