Members of the Stark County Bicycle Club Visit The Legacy Trail

Welcome to members of the Stark County Bicycle Club who are currently staying in Venice and enjoying riding The Legacy Trail and and other trails in Sarasota County!  The club has been a strong supporter of our efforts to extend The Legacy Trail into downtown Sarasota by collecting signatures on our petition and becoming an Organizational Member of Friends of The Legacy Trail.

Here is a note we just received from Dave Cardarella:

Just a note to let you know Stark County Bicycle Club has been in Venice for more than a week.

We are making an economic impact on the area.

This is the clubs 10th anniversary of visiting Venice in January.

We have 40 members in 20 rooms at the Island Sun Hotel, most of us are staying for 2 weeks.

We are eating in local restaurants every day.

And we are shopping at local merchants.

And of course, we are greatly enjoying the great bicycle riding infrastructure of Sarasota County, including the Legacy Trail.

Attached is a group photo.

Dave Cardarella

SCBC Newsletter Editor

Thanks Dave and all the members of SCBC  and hope you have a great vacation this year.  We really appreciate your support!