North Port Connector

by Steve Martin

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The western section of the route from The Legacy Trail to the Carlton Preserve is on paved roads with a combination of bike lanes, road shoulders, and sidewalks. The eastern section from the Carlton Preserve parking area to the county line is primarily on a gravel power line trail. Access from the trail to North Port will be possible via a new bike/pedestrian bridge being constructed near the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park (zoom in to easternmost parking area on map).

Thanks to Steve Christian for promoting this route and for providing information and suggestions for this web page.

Planned Improvements

  • A bridge will be built to connect the Power Line Trail to the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in North Port.  Estimated construction start date:  April 2016.
  • To accommodate increased usage, the surface of the 9 mile section of the Power Line Trail from the Carlton Preserve parking area to the bridge over Myakkahatchee Creek will eventually be improved to provide an 8-foot-wide path with a shell/rock surface.
  • A  mile-long 10-foot-wide multi-use trail will be built on the south side of Edmondson Rd between Pinebrook Rd and Auburn Rd.  This will provide a dedicated and separated area for bicyclists and pedestrians to travel along Edmondson road.  This section does not currently have on-road bike lanes or paved shoulders.  Construction will start November 2016 with an estimated completion date of May 2017.
Suitability Bicycle, Walking (section on Border Road is mostly a paved shoulder)
25.8 miles
Mile Description
0 Park at Nokomis Community Park and take The Legacy Trail a short distance to Colonia Ln E crossing.  Go left (east) on Colonia Ln E 0.68 mi to Albee Farm Rd. S.  There is a bike lane and sidewalk on both sides of the road.
Alternate:  Go an additional 0.25 miles north on The Legacy Trail and exit the trail at the wooden bridge on the right.  This leads to Florence St, which you can take to Albee Farm Rd and go straight onto Edmonson Road.
0.68 Left on Albee Farm Rd.  Bike lane and sidewalk on both sides of road.
0.93 Right on Edmondson Road.  
1.90 to 2.94 Pinebrook Rd. Intersection – continue on Edmonson Road.  No bike lanes on Edmonson Road for the next mile.  Sidewalk on the north side is continuous, but the sidewalk on the south side is discontinuous.  The city of Venice currently has plans to build a 10-foot-wide multi-use trail on the south side of the road on this section.  Completion date is estimated to be May 2017.
2.94 N. Auburn Rd intersection – continue straight.  Road changes name to Border Rd.  Sidewalks end.
3.07 Bridge over I-75.  Paved shoulders on both sides of road for next 3.44 miles.
6.51 Left on Mabry Carlton Pkwy.  Border Rd becomes a gravel road at this intersection.
6.85 Right at Carlton Reserve sign onto gravel road.
7.42 Left at T
7.84 Right on South Power Line Trail
16.44 Bridge over Myakkahatchee Creek
16.50 Continue straight to stay on Northport Connector Trail.  Trail on right goes to new bridge over R-36 Drainage Canal and leads to Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in North Port.
16.8  At this point the trail takes a 5-mile loop to the north and then returns to the Power Line Trail.  The exact route this deviation will take is not well defined at this time and the route shown on the map is approximate.
22.2 Return to the Power Line Trail
25.8 End of trail at Sarasota County line

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