OJT Visitor Center Project

Osprey Junction Trailhead (OJT) is a 10-acre park located in Osprey at the east end of Bay Street and is adjacent to The Legacy Trail (map).  Sarasota County purchased the property in late 2008 with funds from the Neighborhood Parkland Acquisition Program. park-sign

The park site includes typical neighborhood park amenities such as a picnic tables/benches, nature trails and parking.  In addition, the grounds include a house (shown above) and a utility building .

 The County Parks Department has given FLT the green light to work on a proposed plan to remodel the house at Osprey Junction Trailhead into a Visitor Center.  The plan will then be presented to Sarasota County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources for review and approval.  While the remodel planning wheels are turning for the first phase of the project, we have started an initial cleanup of the landscaping.


Volunteers worked Jan 19, Feb 11 and Mar 8 on landscape clean up events.

The project committee, Chuck Butterfield, Mark Malkasian, Jerry Droll and Dave Zimmerman are working with County Parks on developing a remodel plan.

Friends of The Legacy Trail