by Mark Malkasian

Our Background
The time has come to broaden the focus of our recent efforts at the proposed Visitor Center at Osprey Junction Trailhead.  A number of radical landscaping haircuts have been done but the main building’s interior now offers a challenge to our collective creativity for its transformation into a place of welcome.
Our empty (since 2008) canvas encompasses a former 2900 sq. ft. single family residence with two car garage and a substantial detached storage building that have the potential to become the center pieces of an active 10 acre campus gathering place.  The preliminary concept plan includes an array of offerings: main reception and special events room with fireplace, meeting room, screened porch lounging area, historical display space, Ambassador Patrol HQ, limited snack bar, gift shop, FLT office, County Parks staff office, public restrooms, bike related services e.g. rental, repair, safety instruction etc. and surrey operations.  A recently completed building inspection and proposed remodel plan still in the works has identified items needing to be addressed in order to make the Visitor Center fully usable for public activities. Many may be completed with volunteer labor.


Our Appeal
FLT is now over 1000 members strong and it seems likely that among us there are talents, skills, experiences, fresh ideas and donation-worthy items that will collectively help us achieve our goal of turning emptiness into usefulness.  That goal is to ‘cut the ribbon’ on the Visitor Center in conjunction with the timing of completion of the Bay Street Extension project tentatively anticipated for the end of 2017.
So by taking notice of this challenge, hopefully you are encouraged to step forward with your contributory offer of volunteer labor and/or furnishings donation to this FLT and County Parks team effort in making OJT a central feature of our Legacy Trail experience. See another article in this newsletter about an upcoming Volunteer Recruiting Event at OJT.  Thank YOU!
Contact Mark Malkasian by clicking here to participate or address questions.