Section of Legacy Trail Closed Apr. 18 – 22

Announcement:  Sections of Legacy Trail Will
Be Closed for Utilities Work

Mon. April 18 thru Friday, April 22

The Legacy Trail will be closed at the North Creek Bridge area located at the yellow mile marker LT-7.55 (approximately 6/10 of a mile north of Osprey Junction Trailhead Park and 1 mile south of Central Sarasota Parkway) from Monday, April 18 through Friday, April 22. The trail will reopen Saturday, April 23.

A utilities contractor will be connecting a water main for future community development. The project will require work in a limited space near the bridge with large equipment such as a back hoe, trucks, drilling equipment and sections of pipe.  The force main pipe is located approximately 50’ under the edge of the trail and will require removal of a cross section of Trail. The project should take 4 days.

Fortunately, the new Honore extension will be opening just in time to provide a nice detour.  We’ve all been wanting to try out this new section of Honore, so here’s your chance! The suggested route uses bike lanes on Laurel Road, Honore, and Central Sarasota Parkway to get around the construction area.  This route is shown in yellow in the map below:

Note:  There were some unexpected delays, and Honore may not be open for the first part of the week when The Legacy Trail is closed.