Taking Mom for a Ride on The Legacy Trail

by Roger Normand

It was the sight of the unusually configured trike that first caught my attention.  But as I approached from the opposite direction the image became more compelling:  The woman with a smile the width of Siesta Key Beach, sitting erect in a large blaze orange box atop the two front wheels, protectively clutching a small stuffed animal lest it fall out of the cart and be injured.   That her coat was color coordinated with the cart didn’t seem to me by chance.

The pedaler perched on a seat above and behind her over the single rear wheel; music blaring from a hidden speaker.  Dave was piloting the craft, taking his mom, Jane, out for the ride on the Legacy Trail.  Dave offered as to how he was a competitive cyclist on his “other” triathlon bike.  He loved riding the trail, diverting to Honore when he wanted to ride the tri aggressively.

He’d been an FLT pedaler for the Surrey, a 6 person, four-wheeled bicycle for the mobility challenged.  He’d been to Holland.  “They are much more bike centric there.” He saw this style trike, and knew it would be perfect to take Mom out for rides on the Trail.  “Isn’t it lovely out here” Jane said repeatedly.  “Mom, do you remember when you used to live near Laurel Road and go for bike rides.”  “Why yes, I think I do remember.”  “What do you think of my new little friend,” Mom said pointing to the stuffed animal.  “I just got it from Walmart.”

As I rode off, I couldn’t help but marvel at the remarkable bond of love between mother and son, now shared on a unique trike traveling along the Legacy Trail.