Trail Ambassadors

An Ambassador Patrol helps a trail visitor find local amenities
An Ambassador Patrol helps a trail visitor find local amenities

Feel like you’d make a good diplomat?  Like being on The Legacy Trail?  Why not combine the two and become a member for the FLT Ambassador Patrol.

The Ambassador Patrol is a partnership with the Sheriff’s Office, Sarasota County County Parks & Recreation department, and the Friends of Sarasota County Parks to enhance the total experience for all trail users and guests while helping to safeguard the community’s considerable investment in this unique recreational facility.  Ambassadors are the “eyes and ears” for the Sheriff’s office and the Parks Department and report problems and incidents to the authorities.  They also provide information and assistance to Trail users.  Patrol duties can be done while bicycling, running, walking, rollerblading, or merely sitting by the trail.

A key elements of the new patrol program is the need to first register and be approved as a Sarasota County volunteer.  This also allows patrollers to be eligible for Sarasota worker’s compensation medical-only coverage if medical care is needed while performing authorized work.  Patrol member have the flexibility to schedule and amend the days, time, and location of their patrols.  After attending an orientation session, you’ll receive an Ambassador Patrol vest to wear while patrolling on The Legacy Trail.

Friends of The Legacy Trail