Trail Extension Construction Timeline

The construction order of the Legacy Trail extension is as follows:

  • Segment 1 will extend from Proctor Road to Bahia Vista Street with a trailhead at Webber Street.
  • Segment 2 will extend from the current northern terminus of the trail at Culverhouse Nature Park to Proctor Road with a trailhead at Ashton Road.
  • Segment 3 will go from Bahia Vista Street to Ringling Boulevard with a trailhead at Pompano Avenue.

It is anticipated that all segments may be under construction concurrently.  

The surface level trail will be financed and built by the county and the overpasses over Clark and Bee Ridge Roads will be financed, designed, and built by FDOT (more info …).

Timeline for The Legacy Trail Extension and the North Port Connector:

Updated 10/23/21

June 4, 2019 – Sarasota County sold a portion of the bonds to pay for the railroad land and initial design costs via a competitive process to the financial institutions that provided the county the lowest true interest cost. The financial institutions and brokers involved in the sale include Raymond James, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Ziegler, Advisors Asset Management and Ramirez.

June 5, 2019  – The Sarasota County Commission authorized the county administrator to execute a contract with Kimley-Horn and Associates for the design and engineering of the Legacy Trail Extension Project after bond signing.

June 28, 2019 

  • Sarasota County bond signing was completed,
  • County completed closing on acquisition of the Phase 2 rail corridor, 
  • Design contract was signed with Kimley-Horn and Associates, with 30 percent of the first segment design plans to be completed by Sept. 12 and 100 percent completed by March 5, 2020
  • Initial design meeting between county and Kimley-Horn,
  • BIG DAY!!

July 2019

  • The county has selected Jon F. Swift, Inc. as the project’s construction manager and will begin negotiations. The contract is planned to go before the county commission later this summer.
  • In July, FDOT made the official change to the work program to construct overpasses at Clark and Bee Ridge Roads and a construction schedule should become available soon.

January 2020

Seminole Gulf Railway has removed the tracks and signals from the railroad corridor.

 County staff, the design consultant and the construction manager had the project’s first signalization workshop to discuss signal options to safely get future trail users across the roadways.

 Kimley-Horn and Associates, the design consultant, has completed a typical sections analysis to better determine what the physical trail will look like.

May 2020

Work is continuing on the trail design and on obtaining the required permits.  It is anticipated that construction will start in late summer.  The date is still pending issuance of the various permits required for the project.

July 2020  – Construction bids for Segment 1 are in.  County Commissioners approved contracts on July 7.  Groundbreaking ceremony was held July 9.  Additional bonds are issued to pay for construction.  Construction documents for Segments 2 and 3, and the Ashton Road and Webber Street trailheads are out for bid.  A second bond draw closed July 2.

Plans for North Port Connector at 60%.  Design firm is working on cost estimates.

Late July 2020 – Work has started on Segment 1 — mowing and limited clearing.  Construction bidding on Segments 3.  Bids received for construction of Segment 2 and are under negotiation.

60% design plans for North Port Connector have been reviewed by county.

August 2020 – Construction has started on Segment 1.  Mowing and clearing are ongoing in Segments 2 and 3.

September 9, 2020 – County commission approved the construction contracts for Segments 2 and 3, and the Webber Street and Ashton Road trailheads.  

October 2020 – Construction work is expected to start this month on  segments 2 & 3.  Sarasota County has received 90 percent design plans for the Webber Street and Ashton Road trailheads.

December 2020 – Ashton and Weber trailhead designs at 90%.  Pompano trailhead design at 60%.  Overpasses over Clark and Bee Ridge roads are currently being designed by FDOT.  North Port Connector plans are at 90%.

January 2021 – County will solicit bids for the North Port Connector (Schewe Ranch route).

March 2021 – Paving begins on Segment 1 of The Legacy Trail north extension!  Paving of Segment 1 is expected to be completed by the end of March.

County staff have received bids for the North Port Connector and the Pompano trailhead. Bids have come in higher than expected. Negotiations are underway to try to reduce costs.

April 6 – Staff will request authorization from county commissioners to proceed with funding and construction of the North Port connector and Pompano Avenue trailhead.  (Authorization given.)

June 16 –  Groundbreaking ceremony for North Port Connector

June – Clark & Bee Ridge Overpasses: 30% Design by FDOT

July 6  – Segment 1 of North Extension Opens!!!  

Mid 2021 – Construction starts on Pompano trailhead.

September 2021 – Clark & Bee Ridge Overpasses: FDOT 60% design submittal.

October 7, 2021 – Segment 2 of North Extension opens!!

October 26 -Construction starts on Culverhouse Nature Park (restrooms and improved parking  to be added).

November 30 – Ashton Trailhead opens.

November – Construction starts on North Port Connector. (The ground is currently to wet or saturated to begin work.)

December 7 – Start of improvements to Osprey Junction Trailhead (Bay Street).   This will include new restrooms, paved parking, and walking paths. The trailhead will be closed during construction.

December 2021 – Clark & Bee Ridge Overpasses: FDOT 90% design submittal.

Late January, 2022 – Segment 3 of North Extension opens!!

First week of February – Completion of Sarasota Springs (Webber St.) Trailhead!

March 2022 – Design of overpasses over Clark and Bee Ridge completed.

Early April 2022 – Pompano Trailhead opens (maybe).

May – June – Completion of improvements to Culverhouse Nature Park (restrooms and improved parking added). 

Late June 2022 – Completion and opening of the North Port Connector to West Price Blvd.

July 2022 – Completion of improvements to Osprey Junction Trailhead (Bay St.)

July 2022 – Clark & Bee Ridge Overpasses: FDOT letting of construction contracts.

Mid August 2022 – Completion of North Port Connector

November 2022 –  Construction begins on Clark and Bee Ridge overpasses.  Cost of construction is $7.8M.

November 2024 – Completion of overpasses over Clark and Bee Ridge roads.

Paved Connector to North Port

Selected North Port Connector Route

For more information, visit the North Port Connector page here.



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