Trail Rules

From Ordinance No. 07-102

General Rules:

Hours of Operation: 6A.M. to Dusk.
Speed limit is 15 MPH.
Keep to the Right.
Pass in single file.
No indecent exposure.
No fireworks.
Smoking in designated areas only.
Waste, refuse, trash, cigarette butts, debris, and any other material brought onto trail must be properly disposed of in trash or recycling containers.


Under 16 must wear helmet.
Must remain visible at all times.
Bicycles must be under control of user at all times.
Must obey traffic laws/rules of the road.
Must give verbal warning when passing other users.

Animal/Pet Policy:

Pets on leash are permitted, as long as:
1. Leash is 6 feet or shorter.
2. Pet is under control of owner at all times.
3. Pet excrement must be removed from trail.

Vehicle Use:

ADA-Compliant vehicles only.
Segways are permitted if user yields to pedestrians
and gives verbal warning when passing.
No golf carts, motorized, gas, or electric vehicles.
Non-motorized bicycles only.

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