by Mark Malkasian

The previous article was about the “emptiness to usefulness” of the proposed Visitor Center at Osprey Junction Trailhead, including a call for help in making it a future reality.  Our general plan for the Center is still in the middling stage while County approval of our yet- to-be-submitted, detailed restoration plan remains forthcoming. Nonetheless, the site is slowly coming to life as we gain control of the landscaping and our ideas take shape as to its overall function in the Legacy experience.

The main building is not ‘certified’ for formal public gatherings but we can hold a volunteer recruitment event on the exterior grounds. This is an invitation to join us on the concrete apron in front of the garage for an informal introduction to the site. After a brief overview on where we are in the process and a bit more detail on our need for volunteer help we will offer small group tours of the buildings conducted by our fledgling team of docents. We hope the insights gained will inspire you to step up and indicate where you can help. The timeline of our formal submission of our proposed plan and the County’s approval process will dictate our subsequent follow-up to your indication. It may a bit lengthy so patience is called for amongst us all.

So please come join us. All you need bring is a lawn chair and an open mind. We’ll provide the coffee, water, snacks and inspiration.
Place: House at Osprey Junction Trailhead
If driving, the site is on the very east end of Bay Street off Rt. 41 in Osprey – there’s plenty of parking; if biking although a bit awkward with a lawn chair in tow, it’s “in the woods” to the west at the Trail at the Red Rider landmark, just north of Oscar Scherer State Park.

Date & Time: Thursday February 23 at 10 am

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