Welcome to the new FLT web site!

Welcome to www.friendsofthelegacytrail.org, our new web site!  Our previous web site, www.legacytrailfriends.org has served us very well.  However, it has been in existence with little structural change, and minimal enhancements, for over four years – ancient history by internet chronology.  The site was built using a great deal of custom coding under the hood, which was typical at the time the site was built.  Unfortunately, that required us to pay a contractor to revise seemingly elemental portions of the site.  It’s time for a change.

This new site has a contemporary, flexible,  blog-focused design.  It offers a more attractive, visually oriented, magazine style layout with cascading sub-menus for easier navigation.  We will  prominently display several items as featured content at the top of the homepage.  Content and organizational structure are easily modified to accommodate future needs without resorting to custom HTML coding.  We can confidently incorporate software updates as developers offer bug fixes and capability enhancements.  The site will properly display content across the full range of screens sizes, from desk top to mobile devices, and allow users to connect to social media.  Yes, we will be incorporating social media links in the future.  We have incorporated a Google maps feature that will in the near future display trailheads, toilets and water stops,  It will also allow you to enter an address and receive turn-by-turn directs.  The site will easily allow video and photo galleries.

FLT volunteers developed this web site at minimal cost,  We will operate and maintain the site without the need for contractor support, at a considerable savings.  Should we encounter challenges, there is a large, diverse user base on the internet to help resolve issues.

Please look around the site.  We have migrated all the pertinent content from the old site.  We are working to smooth transitional anomalies, and get comfortable with the new capability at our fingertips.  Contact us if you encounter any issues, or would like to offer suggestions.  We will retain the old site online for the near future, but all new content will be posted exclusively on this new site.

The FLT are very fortunate to have a growing, dedicated cadre of volunteers with extraordinary skills.  We are deeply grateful for the time, energy, enthusiasm and professional expertise FLT volunteer Stephen Martin provided in developing this new site.  Thanks Steve.  You have a reserved, front-row seat when the conductor calls “All Aboard……Next Stop, Downtown Sarasota.!